SWC – Round Robin

“Man, I knew that would happen,” Rachel sighed as she looked at the mess on the floor (GAINES). “Derek always stacks the milk jar on top of the most fragile, most imbalanced container in the fridge! Ugh. And now I have to clean it up–joy” (GRACE).

Suddenly, a huge Saint Bernard lumbered into the room and started licking up the milk. “Augh!!!! Stop it, you dog!” she screeched (VALARI). Dragging the drooling dog away from the spilled beverage, she threw up her hands in despair (OLIVIA) “Why did Mom have to be out today! Everything’s going wrong!” (GRACE). And why was there a Saint Bernard in the room? (KARL)

“Can anyone explain what’s going on?” screeched her sister, Raena, as she dashed into the room, eyes glazed with questioning horror (KAELA).

“Well, Mom took Derek to summer camp today, and then the milk fell down when I opened the fridge, and now this strange dog came in!” The sixteen-year-old brunette swiped frustrated tears from her blue eyes and said, “Well, no use crying over spilled milk. Raena, you start cleaning up, and I’ll call Animal Control” (GRACE).

“Wow, what is a dog doing in our house? Can we keep it? This is awsome! Let’s get a climate controled cage for it,” screamed Derek as he rushed into the room (DANIEL).

“What! There is a Saint Bernard in our in our house! I heard on the radio that there is a rabid Saint Bernard on the loose!” their mother exclaimed (ISAAC).

“Mom! What are you and Derek doing here? I thought you were on the road!” Rachel exclaimed in confusion (GRACE).

“If we’re going to keep this monstrosity of a dog,” Raena suggested, “can I put it in the giant hole Derek dug in your garden yesterday? We can put a tarp over the top so the beast won’t get wet” (KAELA).

“Well, the mop snapped in half earlier, so if it cleans up spills as well as you say, I don’t see why not, as long as it is a dog,” answered their mother (ISAAC).

Rachel thought for a minute about the situation, then realized how bad it really was. “This is a rabid Saint Bernard. We need to lock it in a room somewhere and call Animal Control. Right now!” (KARL).

“I’m on it.” Their mother was talking to them and looking up the Animal Control number at the same time. “Rachel, get him into the laundry room” (JUDAH).

But as Rachel was trying to push the unwilling dog into the laundry room, it bit her–hard (KARL).

Raena screamed (she had been doing a lot of that recently) and ran for the phone to call 911. She collided with her mom, who had the same idea, and both fell into what was left of the milk. Rachel stared in shock, first at her bitten arm and then at her mom and younger sister. This has to be a nightmare nothing else could be this awful. (GRACE)

But at that moment Rachel noticed that Derek was talking on his cell phone to the 911 operator. She says that there will be an ambulance coming right away.”

Rachel breathed a sigh of relief. This day has gone so wrong. But at least I probably won’t die (KARL).

Probably. You could never be entirely sure about the future when a giant, rabid beast was involved, especially when he still refused to go into a nice, confined space. As if to prove her point, the dog suddenly flopped down in the doorway right next to Rachel, tongue lolling calmly out of his mouth (HANNAH).
“Ugh, you dog! Get out of here!” Rachel turned her face away in disgust and attempted to hoist herself off of the floor in order to sit comfortably on the kitchen chair until assistance arrived. Suddenly, she heard Raena’s frantic scream coming from the family room, “Mom! Come quick! Ah! Hurry!” (ELAINA).

As Raena continued screaming, the rest of the family hurried into the living room. There they found Raena huddled in a corner, eyes wide with apprehension as she stared at a huge mammal. A hippo–for it really was there–stood calmly in the middle of the family room munching on their mother’s prized daisies. Abruptly, something roared in the backyard (KAELA).

At first, ten-year-old Derek just stared, but soon enough a grin spread across his impish face. “Wow, mom!” he laughed. “You weren’t kidding when you said our house is a zoo!” (HANNAH).

Just then, a frantic pounding at the door made everyone jump. Mom hurried to open it, and then let out a shriek (KELLYANNE).

As a human-sized mouse with giant ears ran through the door, knocking over a paralyzed Mom, a siren’s wailing announced the arrival of the ambulance. EMTs hurried in and carried Rachel to the ambulance, and then a van with Fox News emblazoned on it pulled up to the curb, carefully leaving room for the ambulance to get out. (GRACE)

A scream of delight resonated through the house as Annie–the 5 year old–woke up from her nap and spotted the mouse. “Mickey!! You came to see me!” She flung herself towards him, knocking down the antique vase in her path with a crash (KELLYANNE).

With another thunderous roar, the creature from the backyard stalked up front, right past the startled news crew. As soon as the lioness caught scent of the ginormous mouse, she eagerly flicked her tail. The world’s largest game of Cat & Mouse was about to begin (HANNAH).

As the mouse squeaked in terror, the lioness raced towards it, pounced, and knocked Mickey to the ground. Suddenly, she began to lick the mouse’s face, and everyone sighed but Annie. “She’s gonna eat Mickey Mouse!” the little girl screamed. The lioness obliged Annie’s fearful screech, and bit off Mickey Mouse’s head (hahah! KAELA).

The lioness began to choke, though, and large pieces of stuffing floated from her mouth. The headless Mickey got up, and a person’s head poked through the neck hole! It was just a costume! Everyone sighed in relief (You are sadistic, Kaela.)(KELLYANNE).

But what to do about the lioness, hippo, and rabid St. Bernard? Raena had never in all her thirteen years had such a day. The Fox News people ran up suddenly and started peppering her mom with questions like, “Are these your animals?” and “Are these lovely children all yours? Really?” (I agree with you, Kellyanne) (GRACE).

“Are you kidding me?” her mother exclaimed. “Quick, call the SPCA or something! There are still a rabid St. Bernard and a lioness on the loose!” (SOPHIA).

Seeing the big, fluffy dog, Annie raced over to it, feet pounding on the hard wood floors. Arms open wide, she screamed in excitement, “Puppy!” Wrapping her small arms around the large furry neck, the dog began panting, it’s slimy tongue hanging crookedly out of a drooling mouth (ABBY).

Meanwhile Derek was caught in awe between the lioness and the hippo. “Wicked cool,” he declared, grinning as he mused over some devious plot to hitch a ride on the latter of the two. This was so much better than summer camp (HANNAH)!

Soon, the zoo had been depopulated by the massive animal control truck that arrived near the front, and Rachel’s cuts and bruises from the giant Saint Bernard proved to be nothing that 37 bandages could not fix. As for Annie and Derek, tears dropped from their eyes when all the animals departed, though they tried to conceal it as best they could. They all missed the pets–except for mom, who gloried in having a home full of humans, and humans alone. (JESSE)

“Mommy!” Little Annie, with her mob of brown curls bobbing up and down on her head, ran up to her mother and tugged on her shirt. “Can I go home with the doggie?” (ELAINA).

“No, young lady! You may not!” their mother cried. “This has been the weirdest day of my life, and I just want to go lie down…right now!” The children stood, dumbfounded, while their mother made her way into the living room. Seconds later, they heard a shriek, “Where did this giraffe come from!”(I’m not sadistic KA, I just wanted to know what my fellow classmates would do with that!) (KAELA).

All rushed into the bedroom.The creature stood seven feet tall, bending down to nibble on a house plant (ALINA). “That is the hugest…” Derek began to say. But his mother interrupted, “Where’s the phone! I want this creature out of my house!” (VALARI).

“Wait, Mom!” Derek snatched the phone from his mother’s hands. “Let’s be reasonable here! I mean, I’ve always wanted a giraffe…” (CLAUDIA).

“Reasonable! How would you ever take care of such an animal or pay for its food?” (GAINES).

Derek’s brow furrowed as he desperately racked his brains for an answer to the question. Then, looking up at his mother, he took a breath to answer. However, his gaze traveled upward and he starred. Suddenly pointing, he yelled, “Mom, turn around!” (ABBY).

Everybody whirled around to see a huge vulture with a bloody beak perched on the curtain rod. “Ahh!” the mother and the girls screamed. “That thing is so ugly!” Annie shouted (SOPHIA).

“Bummer,” stated Reana, as if vultures came and sat on curtain rods in their house every day. “Why couldn’t it be a hawk?” She sat down on the couch angrily, glancing upward, but abruptly jumped from its cushions shrieking, “Eeek! There’s a snake hanging from the ceiling fan!” (Kaela).

“BRRRING, BRRRING!” Raena snapped awake to the ringing of her alarm clock. “WHEW, it was just a hooooorrible nightmare” (GRACE).

Raena rubbed her sleepy eyes with her fists and slowly yawned. As she pulled off the covers, her eyes suddenly caught sight of something huge and orange camouflaged against her leopard print curtain. A scream tore through the peaceful house. “Ah!! There’s a tiger in my room!” Raena screamed, grabbing her teddy bear (SOPHIA).

This can’t be happening… She slapped her face to make sure she had really awoken, creeping softly toward the door and reaching for the handle. Flinging open the door and bolting out of the room, she flew into her mother’s room and leapt onto her bed. “Mom!” (ELAINA)


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