Autumn Hues and Crackling Fires

The sun’s too hot

The air, too cold

The leaves prepare for snow


An opened window

A bustling breeze

Oh where I’d choose to go


Forget the books

Just leave the class

These things I already know


I’d roam the fields

Of crisp gold grain

Or lay by trees below


Ducking under

Towering waves

The sand between my toes


But back to books

Lectures and notes

I hate to leave this dream


On looking out

The foggy panes

I sigh with great envy


The scurrying squirrels

The sluggish bears

All hide away ’til spring


And in me the

Reluctance grows

I wish I could do the same


But I hate to think

Of the joys I’d miss

Though escape from school’s my dream


The autumn hues

Take my breath away

Hot cocoa cheers my soul


Crackling fires

And toasted s’mores

Would I really give up this?


One thought on “Autumn Hues and Crackling Fires

  1. Tee hee. I can really see the back-and-forth tossed around here. I love that you captured that season in 2014 and brought it to my memory tonight. Every season is abundantly rich.

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