Desperate Dreams

Crashing waves upon the shore

Echoes far away

Pines point and prick the foggy sky

Far above the sandy clay


Sea gulls soar, their wings outspread

Not bound by earthly ties.

Away to castles, kings, and knights

So eagerly they fly.


Misty heavens shimmer above

Eyes rove the faraway lands

Desire—so desperate—captures the soul

Thoughts all where it cannot go


Anxious and waiting

Dreaming and watching

Eyes close to hear the crashing waves

sea gulls


Silver Expanse

A great silver expanse

Like the sky at dusk,

But upon the group outstretched


Lies silvery, shimmering,

Sparkling, rippling,

Shining and beaming, those waters


A soft, silky veil

Covering darkness beneath—

Completely concealed at the hour

Silvery Lake





But as the sun slips away,

Taking with her gold rays,

Murky waters beneath are revealed.


Splashing, slipping,

Rippling, swirling,

Down, down, deeper and deeper
Silvery Lake at Dusk

Autumn Hues and Crackling Fires

The sun’s too hot

The air, too cold

The leaves prepare for snow


An opened window

A bustling breeze

Oh where I’d choose to go


Forget the books

Just leave the class

These things I already know


I’d roam the fields

Of crisp gold grain

Or lay by trees below


Ducking under

Towering waves

The sand between my toes


But back to books

Lectures and notes

I hate to leave this dream


On looking out

The foggy panes

I sigh with great envy


The scurrying squirrels

The sluggish bears

All hide away ’til spring


And in me the

Reluctance grows

I wish I could do the same


But I hate to think

Of the joys I’d miss

Though escape from school’s my dream


The autumn hues

Take my breath away

Hot cocoa cheers my soul


Crackling fires

And toasted s’mores

Would I really give up this?

Crystal Ocean

I’m not sure if this makes sense to anyone else…my mother had no idea what I was trying to say.

How I wonder what happens behind those closed eyes,
Where the shimmering blue meets the shade.
Doth fire consume the blue crystal ocean,
Or is bright joyous sunlight there made?
Doth the waves crash upon the pale beach beneath,
Or doth water race up to the sun?
Doth envy convert the deep blue depths green,
Or doth happiness spill over and run?
But none knows what happens behind those closed eyes,
Where the shimmering blue meets the shade.
For concealed in the shadows lies the truth o’ the weather
The weather we’ll not ever know.

closed eyes

Midnight Melodies

Moonlit sky above

Silence in the cold, dark night

But listen, listen, to the sounds

Closed eyes, open ears,

Lullabies float through the air

Resonating tunes, list’n carefully now

Sounds of souls and sprites,

Singing, dancing, all the night

Their voices, so clearly, I hear

Fragile wings stroke my face

As they flitter by so softly

Whispering enchanted melodies.

Listen, listen, to the sounds

Resonating tunes, list’n carefully now

Their voices, so clearly, I hear,

Whispering enchanted melodies

Into the midnight air


Pitter patter, pitter patter
Raindrops to the earth they race
Sitting here, in silence, I solemnly watch
Each drop, with another, play chase.

I touch the cold pane, so foggy
And through the silence I hear,
Bursts of laughter, whispered secrets,
Memories oh so dear.

But how far away you seem right now
How distant, reserved, and foreign.
Yet I’ll never forget the seasons spent
How beautiful our friendship had been.

I sigh and lean back, closing tired eyes
Did that friendship mean nothing to you?
I’ll never forget, never let go
Oh how well I thought I knew you.

Girl Looking Out Rainy Window

Slipping Away

I thought it would last forever.

I thought I knew you so well.

We used to be so close.

Inseparable, the three of us.

Every secret that we told,

All the laughs that we shared –

It was perfect.

But it all changed so quickly.

I felt you slipping away,

And I tried to hold onto you.

But you kept drifting.

What else could I do?

From the outside looking in,

I watched you and your friends.

I used to be that girl, your closest friend.

But now we were strangers,

Without the hope of becoming closer.

Something changed you

While I wasn’t watching.

And then it was gone;

I didn’t know you anymore.

But I didn’t want to leave you.

It lasted for so long.

Letting go was so hard.

But only for me – you let go so easily.

Did it even matter to you?

Did it ever matter to you?

I thought it would last forever.

I thought I knew you so well.

After the Rain

After the Rain

Rain, rain, rain, beating on the house.

Showering the roof, streaming down the windows.

Patter patter on the roof, splish splash on the sidewalk.

On and on it pours, never stopping through the night.

But then the morning comes and the sun peeks over the hill

To see her precious earth and shower it with light.

Shining brightly, radiant beams sweep over the golden fields.

Every blade of green grass shines and sparkles in the sunlight.

Every puddle reflects her rays of golden light, peering up into her face.

Every rock is slowly warmed and the coolness fades away.

The flowers try to kiss her face, but cannot reach that high.

And the heavenly clouds, so high and free, dance around for joy.